Nahanni Pollard, Ph.D.

Nahanni Pollard is currently a Faculty member in the Department of Criminology at Douglas College, where she specializes in teaching policing, crime analysis and crime prevention undergraduate courses.  She received her PhD in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, where she was involved in research with the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS) and the IRMACS Complex Modelling Group.  Dr. Pollard has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies including several detachments and integrated units of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; as well as numerous reviews and white papers of and for police services in Vancouver, Delta, Saanich, Richmond, Winnipeg, Toronto, including several projects with the Transit Police.  Prior to becoming a faculty member at Douglas College, Dr. Pollard worked with the Vancouver Police Department for several years as their Planning & Policy Advisor. She has published extensively, including an undergraduate textbook on Policing, and presented over 20 papers at international conferences in the US, Canada, and abroad.